Some ways to bring joy to people’s routine

Besides that, you can also:

  1. Leave a toy at a park
  2. Make a positive prank
  3. Offer help to your neighbors
  4. Leave a secret note in someone’s pocket
  5. Spread balloons with gifts
  6. Gift a stranger
  7. Say good morning to your neighbors
  8. Give someone a candy/ cake
  9. Bring some magic to your ATM machine
  10. Volunteer
  11. Clean a public garden
  12. Pay for the next person in a line
  13. Embellish your neighborhood
  14. Give flowers to a stranger
  15. Play the kind game
  16. Share your umbrella on a rainy day
  17. Offer your help to an elder person
  18. Leave something you don’t use in a place it can be useful
  19. Create a Time Bank for your neighborhood
  20. Create a community Tree House